With Gratitude
May 7, 2015

This morning, on the eve of my 52 birthday, I woke with a feeling of heaviness.  At first I thought it was sorrow and then I thought it was from feeling nostalgic.  But after sitting with it for the morning, I was able to sort it out and discovered that it wasn’t heaviness from feeling sad or wistful but an incredible emotional surge that would come for all the things in my life I’m grateful for.
Now, while it’s true there is a bit of nostalgia tied up in there somewhere, I am not busy looking back.  I am looking forward.  Based on where I am at this moment, grateful for my life, my relative good health, my relationship with my husband who I am deeply in love with, our kids, our friends and family, my work, my play, for trees and grass and birdsong and sunshine and rain even, for all those and those things that I love and love to do, I am looking forward to more of the same.
I am blessed.  Deeply and truly blessed.  And so while there were tears, I didn’t shed them out of sorrow or nostalgia but rather I shed them in thanks, moving happily forward to this birthday and God willing, many more, with unfathomable gratitude.