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Calm Before the Storm
May 4, 2015

Hello! and …
Well!, it’s been a while!  By my last entry, quite a while, in fact  Surprisingly the time has slipped away a great deal more quickly than I realized but, life takes you in other directions sometimes and you just have to follow the detour signs. So, I’m back on course, and ready to continue to see what I see, all the while sharing with you the sights and sounds.
Looking forward to it.
Glad to be back.

Rainy Spring
It hasn’t rained like it should this spring … things are dry and slow to come.  The earth is cracked in my gardens and I’m concerned for some of the things that should be growing a great deal better than they are.  I’m usually out in them before this, digging away at things, but all I’ve done thus far is cut away the dead wood. It’s suppose to rain today. I want a good, full-on downpour to make things happy.  I hope I get one! 
   But if I don’t, is it cheating if you do a rain dance, and then put the sprinkler on?